banaue sagada


This is the king of adventure in the Philippines which will truly captivate your imagination. Set on the most mountainous area of the Philippines ,The Cordillera,  boast  the perfect example of how history-nature-culture blend in together and be what it is now. We will be travelling during daylight to make sure you appreciate every single scenery along this trip . just the drive itself is absolutely amazing!. On this trip your physical fitness will be put to the test trekking for hours, exploring caves, swimming in cold water so be prepared to workout on this trip.

Important Note*** – This tour requires above average fitness level! Must be able to trek mountains for at-least 2 hours.


-Scenic day drive Drive to banaue – Happao – Sagada- Baguio

-Batad Rice terraces – Tappiya Falls

-Hapao Rice Terraces and hotsprings

-Sagada Hangin Coffins

-Cave Connection

-Bomod-ok Falls

41,999 php

Pesos Person

Minimum of 2 Persons

Banaue Adventure

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